Hipparcos interactive data access

This is the users manual for the Hipparcos interactive data access software.

The Hipparcos data access software provides tools to interrogate the Hipparcos data from overall statistics to the solution details for individual stars. It grew from the need to be able to interact directly with the data in the Hipparcos catalogue, being able to display relevant data in such a way that details at any resolution can be made visible, from overall statistics and distributions down to the details of individual stars. It also provides access to large sets of ground-based photometric and spectroscopic data, where the Hipparcos information on in particular parallaxes can give more detailed insight in colour-index dependencies. To provide further insight into the Hipparcos data, the most relevant calibration data are also made available.

Further details on data and methods used or available to the user are:

Getting started

The software and data files can be downloaded from the ESA Hipparcos web site.

The installation of the software and data files is simply by copying the zip file and unzip it to the data folder and executable jar file. If Java 8 has been installed, the program should run by executing the jar file (double click on Windows). This activates the main window from which all data access is run.


Creative Commons License
Hipparcos interactive data access by Floor van Leeuwen, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Inquiries, suggestions etc to fvl@ast.cam.ac.uk or the Hipparcos helpdesk at ESA.