Select by identifier

Select on identifier

The Single star tab provides access to entries in the Hipparcos catalogue based on a variety of identifiers:

  • Hipparcos catalogue number
  • Henry-Draper (HD) catalogue number
  • Bright star (HR) catalogue number
  • Tycho Catalogue
  • Variable star name
  • Bayer/Flamsteed name
  • Common name
  • CCDM catalogue identifier

The variable star and Bayer Flamsteed identifiers are all grouped by constellation, and only show those stars that do have entries in the Hipparcos catalogue. The same applies to the common names. The CCDM identifiers are grouped per 1-hour zone in right ascension, and again show only those entries that are contained in the Hipparcos catalogue. The Tycho identifiers only use the region (first box) and number within the region (second box). The Tych identifiers have been obtained from the combined resources of the 1997 release and the Tycho-2 catalogue (there are 3773 entries in the 1997 release that do not appear in the Tycho-2 catalogue). The button Get HIP produces in each case either the relevant Hipparcos catalogue number (or a message that the requested number is not contained in the Hipparcos catalogue) through the panel Selected HIP.