Data used comes from the following publications or referring to the following systems:

  1. Astrometric and photometric data as presented in the 1997 release of the Hipparcos data, SP-1200 ;
  2. astrometric data as presented in the 2007 re-reduction of the Hipparcos data, van Leeuwen (2007);
  3. instrument-calibration data as obtained and used for the 2007 reductions;
  4. Geneva, Strömgren and Walraven photometry;
  5. spectroscopic data as presented in SP-1200, extended with the 5th survey by Houk and Swift, 1999;
  6. miscellaneous updates to photometric indices and spectra.

All data files are contained in the data folder. Identifying the position of the data folder is done when the software is first run, or when the menu item Data Location is called. Also identified at this stage is a default location (folder or equivalent) for output files, such as PDF files of charts.