Chart facilities

The charts are prepared with JFreeChart (vector graphics), which allows for a wide range of interactive manipulations of those charts:

  • Re-sizing windows using the left mouse button and dragging the window edge or corner;
  • Zoom-in on the image by holding the left mouse button and dragging a rectangular area on the chart. After releasing the left mouse button the indicated area will be displayed instead of the original graph;
  • Zoom-in, Zoom-out and other options are also available through a menu activate with the right mouse button in the area of the chart.
  • The menu option Save Image will produce a .png image file of the chart as displayed in a folder as selected. The menu option Properties can be used to change a wide range of properties of the chart, such as background, fonts, tick labels etc. The Copy option copies the chart to the clip board.
  • Dragging the chart is done by holding the Ctrl button (windows) and the right mouse button, then move the position of the cursor over the chart.
  • Double click the left mouse button to restore the original dimensions of the chart.

Additional features are available through a pop-up menu. Most charts also have implemented a cursor-position feedback, following and showing the cursor position in chart coordinates.